Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions new and existing customers often ask. If you have specific questions about our services, please give us a call. Our courteous staff is eager to help you.

Q: How long can I keep the container?

A: Our contract period is 2 weeks; however, if you need the container for a longer period of time, an additional $50 per week will be added to your invoice. Please call us at least 24 hours prior to your pick-up time to let us know you need extra time.

Q: How fast can you deliver and pick-up?

A: Within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround time for deliveries and pick-ups. We can also schedule multiple container, single day delivery and pick-up with advance notice.

Q: What types of wastes can I dispose of with your service?

A: A lot, but not everything. Federal and Tennessee state regulations only allow certain types of wastes in landfills. It's much easier to reference a list of materials we can't accept. Please see our Waste Not Accepted Form for a complete list.

Q: What other regulations are there concerning container rolloff services?

A: Two things: (1). Typically we do not like to place the container on a concrete or paved drive due to possible damage during placement or removal of the container. (2). If the container is overfilled or not paid for, the container will not be serviced. Metro City Ordinance requires the container not be filled more than 4
inches below the rim.

Q: What will I need to obtain a container?

A: Only a few things, including: the address, zip code, time and specific location where the container needs to be delivered, a credit card, check or cash to reserve the container, a valid driver's license or ID, a signed Waiver, a signed Waste Not Accepted Form, ...

Q: How do I schedule container service?

A: Here's our simple process: Call us to get pricing, provide date, time and delivery information, arrange payment and sign and deliver our Waiver and Waste Not Accepted Form to the driver when he arrives. We will call you approximately 30 minutes before your container is delivered.

Q: Is my personal and billing information safe with Shamrock?

A: Absolutely. Our Privacy Policy is: Shamrock Rolloff, LLC will not, under any circumstance, sell, rent, or share any information given to our company provided by a customer. A customers privacy is kept with the utmost confidence and respect. If there is any questions or concerns the customer is urged to contact the owners of Shamrock Rolloff, LLC immediately.